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emond is the cooper of choice for all of
Bannockburn Pinot Noir. With thirty year
old, dry grown vines we have no issue with
structure or concentration but we do have to
work to obtain refnement and perfume. To
this end, Remond coopered barrels assist us
greatly and have a wonderful synergy with
our fruit particularly when whole bunch
fermentation is employed.
Michael Glover
Bannockburn Vineyards
What the winemakers say ...
ver the many years I have dealt
with Remond, I always see great
consistency in seasoning, grain size
and toasting in their oak, which leads
to excellent balance and structure in
the resultant wines. Remond oak has
defnitely become an integral part of
many of the wines in the Two Hands
Matt Wenk
Two Hands Wines
or us, oak selection is one of the
challenging algorithms in top-end
wine production – matching fruit to the
(often signifcant) differences that come
from cooperage, forest, toast level, barrel
size, barrel age, and more. We started by
trialling half a dozen Remond barrels back
in 2003. Remond works through its subtle
impact on bouquet, texture and palate
structure. We’re not sure we are any
closer to solving the oak algorithm, but
we do know that Remond will be a major
component of our oak portfolio.
Phillip Moraghan
Curly Flat Vineyard
rom the beginning Hewitson has combined Old-
World winemaking techniques with New-World
knowledge and understanding. The importance of great
wine requiring great oak is signifcant for Hewitson.
Remond barrels are an integral part of our winemaking
as they complement our fruit, bringing structure with
elegance to the wine. Our longstanding association
with Remond as our preferred oak supplier is due to
their commitment to quality, service and consistency of
Dean Hewitson
yrrell’s Vineyards are dedicated to producing premium wines
from some of Australia’s best known grape growing regions.
Our wines refect the regions and vineyards they are sourced
from, with a strong focus on single vineyard wines. Our choice
of oak must therefore complement our wine styles and add
complexity and structure to our wines. We have found Tonnellerie
Remond to be a barrel that fts our requirements by delivering
consistency and quality for many vintages, supported by their
high level of customer service.
Andrew Spinaze & Mark Richardson
Tyrrell’s Vineyards
emond cooperage has been part of my barrel portfolio for the
last seventeen years. I always use Remond in combination
with other coopers, hence I am able to continuously benchmark
their performance. I have been impressed by the levels of hygiene
and quality control in the cooperage in Burgundy. The barrels are
fnely crafted and delivered on time. Over the years, I continue to
choose Remond because of its affnity to most of my wine styles,
consistency and most importantly the quality.
Bruce Dukes
Naturaliste Vintners